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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
What is the highest mountain in France?
Question 2
Istanbul is what country's largest city?
Question 3
Replacing the Honeymoon Bridge, which had collapsed in 1938, the Rainbow Bridge connects Canadian and American cities with what same name?
Question 4
Which of these American cities lies on the shores of Lake Michigan?
Question 5
A white person is a haole, a newcomer is a malihini and a long-timer is a kamaaina. Where?
Question 6
In 1588, who was the vice admiral in command of the English fleet?
Question 7
What sea is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean?
Question 8
Which island is sometimes called "The Teardrop of India"?
Question 9
Where in the world is the city of Casablanca, setting of the classic movie?
Question 10
Lyon is what European country's second largest city?
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