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Literature Quiz

Question 1
According to Maltese mythology, a child born on Christmas Eve was doomed to become a ghost named what?
Question 2
Who wrote the book "The Right Stuff"?
Question 3
What word means to think about something and then do it on purpose?
Question 4
What 2007 book is about a family's attempt to eat only food grown within 100 miles of their home?
Question 5
What Roman goddess was the queen of the gods?
Question 6
The 1969 book titled, "The French Lieutenant's Woman" was written by?
Question 7
Why were the Weasley twins obsessed with raising money in the fourth "Harry Potter" book?
Question 8
Silas Wegg and his wooden leg are villains in which Charles Dickens' novel?
Question 9
In the Edgar Allan Poe classic "The Black Cat", what was on the cat's breast?
Question 10
Who was Edgar Allan Poe's wife?
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