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Movies Quiz

Question 1
In real life he divorced his wife in order to marry his nanny, but in Mrs Doubtfire he divorces his wife and becomes her nanny. Who?
Question 2
What is the nickname for the Academy Awards?
Question 3
The movie 'Blades of Glory' was about what sport?
Question 4
Which of these is a 1960 French film directed by Jean-Luc Godard?
Question 5
Which L. Ron Hubbard book became a box office flop?
Question 6
Steve Martin married which British actress?
Question 7
Who tries to pick up Stifler's mom in the comedy movie "American Pie"?
Question 8
Who starred as The Interpreter in the 2005 film of that name?
Question 9
What movie star plays in a rock band called Dogstar?
Question 10
Finish the movie title: Eternal Sunshine of the ____.
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