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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Italians have planted fame around the world for using which of these in their food?
Question 2
S'mores are traditionally made with graham crackers, chocolate and what other ingredient?
Question 3
Which of the following vegetables can be red, yellow or white?
Question 4
Who planted the seeds of the traditional diet of Mexicans?
Question 5
A meat and potatoes man might be a sauerbraten and kartoffelklosse man if he spoke what language?
Question 6
Which of these foods is not a dairy food?
Question 7
Such drinks as a dry Dutch gin get their name from the German for "mouthful." What are they called?
Question 8
If you were hungry for Thai food what might you eat?
Question 9
Calamari is made from what sea creature?
Question 10
Miso and shoyu are made from this. So is tofu. What is it?
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