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Movies Quiz

Question 1
In the film "The Aviator," who was the titular aviator?
Question 2
Kevin Zegers kisses Felicity Huffman. Mind you, Huffman is playing his Zegers' dad, who is becoming his ? um ? mom? In what movie?
Question 3
Of what race was Nute Gunray in "Star Wars IV: A New Hope"?
Question 4
According to Bluto in "Animal House", who bombed Pearl Harbor?
Question 5
What basketball movie, directed by Spike Lee, co-starred Ray Allen, an actual NBA all-star?
Question 6
Which movie is about a bored married couple surprised to learn that they are both assassins?
Question 7
Which is not a baseball movie starring Kevin Costner?
Question 8
In "Jurassic Park", what type of dinosaur does Grant discover in the badlands?
Question 9
What metal is Maleficent weak to in the 2014 film "Maleficent"?
Question 10
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split up after Liam flirted with which 'Mad Men' star at a party in 2013?
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