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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
What is 50% expressed as a fraction?
Question 2
What song has the line, "I just want it to be hot because I'm best when I'm in love and I'm in love with you"?
Question 3
Who sang the famous song If I Were A Carpenter (1976)?
Question 4
What two NFL teams has Jim Mora coached?
Question 5
MC Escher became a household name in 1954 when his work was exhibited in Amsterdam, not by an art gallery, but by whom?
Question 6
For the Egyptians, death separated the main parts of the individual. How many were they?
Question 7
Which English Monarch was the first from the House of Stuart?
Question 8
After the unification of the two kingdoms, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt was also referred to “The one who rules the sedge and...”?
Question 9
Which singer appeared on the re-recorded version of A Great Big World's song "Say Something"?
Question 10
What color is formed when yellow and red are mixed?
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