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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
What type of whale appeared in Moby Dick?
Question 2
Madeleine Albright was the first woman to become what in the United States?
Question 3
Who sang the famous song "Rumors Are Flying" (1946)?
Question 4
Who sang the famous song "Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)" (1970)?
Question 5
How many sides does a dodecagon have?
Question 6
A fin whale is classified as which of these?
Question 7
Which species best matches this description, "live in shallow coastal waters of warm and temperate seas"?
Question 8
Who sang the famous song "Do That To Me One More Time" (1980)?
Question 9
Shemyaka inflicted what punishment on Vasili II?
Question 10
Who sang the famous song "Body & Soul" in 1930?
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