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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
During the American Revolutionary War, which of these men was a Commander at the 1780 'Battle of Camden'?
Question 2
The Trojan War featured a giant wooden what?
Question 3
What percentage of the US population is estimated to have died during the American Civil War?
Question 4
In what year was Erich Ludendorff appointed quartermaster general of the German army, under Hindenburg?
Question 5
What Spanish-speaking nation got its name from its position on the Equator?
Question 6
In what year was the 'Battle of Cape Esperance' during World War II?
Question 7
In 1810, Peter Durand was credited with which invention/discovery?
Question 8
Which European country did Boris Johnson visit in his first foreign trip as UK Prime Minister in August 2019?
Question 9
Robert Mugabe was sacked as leader of which country in November 2017?
Question 10
What were first licensed in England in1551?
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